The annual ring is the memory of a grand tree left within its lifetime, yellow- colored pictures is the valuable marks that wetreasure. When time goes on slightly without any indication during the change of days and years. Cuddling the sunlight whenwe were young; once been through hard times, but still hold on to our dreams……

       In1990, “ Zhongyu machinery manufacturing “ factory was given birth to the earth in the place located in Jiulongpo District,Young as we, starting to hobble towards the future……

       Earlier in this century, the little baby factory has switched its name into “ Changheng machinery manufacturing Co.Ltd.”

       We were mainly engaged in produce automobile, and the spare parts of motorcycles. After years of precipitation, the company hasreached its scaleof being capable of make larger range of products and we still insist in it . In1998,“Changheng” had placed itsown into one of the top motorcycle spare parts brands.
In 2005, as the company’ s investment place in agricultural machinery manufacturing , ” Hwasdan” had own its good reputationthroughout the world . We put our faith in that the glory of life only dazzles through repeatedly burnishing.

 With 27 Years Manufacturing Experience (1990 - 2017)

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